Safety Measures While Diving With Whale Sharks

Although sharks are dangerous, whale sharks do not possess much danger to humans in spite of their huge size. However, you have to take necessary safety measure while diving with a whale shark because these species are highly unpredictable. Whale sharks are docile and even allow divers to catch a ride with them.

  • If you are signing up for diving with a Whale Shark in any clubs, there will be a short dive briefing class to educate you about procedures and safety measures. Do participate in the session to know more about the procedures and to clarify your doubts regarding the whole thing.
  • You are required to wear same colored full-body suits including gloves so that you don’t unnecessarily invite the attraction of whale sharks. Bright colored dresses are also not preferred.
  • Unlike scuba diving, shark diving carry’s some amount of risk that cannot be eliminated by any special safety equipment. You will be diving in the midst of dangerous predators and you need expect the unexpected at any time.
  • Join an experienced team so that experienced trainers would accompany you. They would also be operating only under strict safety environmental conditions, and you would be highly supervised.
  • Make sure that you have adequate oxygen supply and essential medical kit with you while diving with a whale shark.
  • Always dive deep in instead of remaining on the water surface level; when you’re at the water level, it is convenient for the fish to attack you. Never make fussy movements that create a lot of noise when you are underneath because that might disturb the shark and provoke it to attack you.
  • If you see a shark and it seems to be in peace with you never try to approach them out of curiosity. It is okay to watch it from a safe distance but don’t go too near and try to pet the.
  • When a shark approaches you without you provoking it, try to come out of the water However, beware of making sudden movements and creating a fuss right there. Always keep the shark in your sight and view their moves. Try to distract its attention by releasing air bubble from your scuba gear. By doing this, you will get enough time to escape from the shark.


As whale sharks are not that dangerous, you can be a little relaxed while diving with a whale shark. But never forget the fact that they’re actually sharks. The fact that their diet consists of microorganisms mainly is again a relief. Swimming with whale sharks is perfectly fine, but there is nothing wrong in taking safety precautions. If you make the trip with an authorized club, they would provide necessary equipment’s and costumes and help you through the whole procedure.