Common Diseases Transmitted By Household Pests

Households pests will not only chew your wirings and ruin your structure. They may also be the cause of an illness that can be fatal to people. Here are some of them:


Leptospirosis or Weil’s disease is an infectious illness that is commonly caused by rodents. People become infected when they come in contact with the urine of infected animals. Some of the symptoms include fever, body pains, and jaundice where your skin will become yellow.


If the food gets infected or contaminated by rodents, chances are you will have a salmonellosis virus. This is a type of bacterial food poisoning, that affects the gastrointestinal system. This can lead to more complications like meningitis if you don’t get the appropriate medical treatment. You will know that you have this if you experience fever, diarrhoea, vomiting and if there’s blood in your stool.


Mosquitoes are the cause of dengue fever, malaria, etc. A person will have a fever and rashes when bitten by mosquitoes that carry the dengue virus. This can lead to death if not caught or treated properly so make sure to head out to the nearest medical facility when experienced the symptoms. Moreover, prevent them from coming to your house by the throwing stagnant water and by trimming your lawn. For further protection, don’t forget to put insect repellent.

Lyme Disease

This is an inflammatory disease caused by the ticks. Symptoms of Lyme disease starts with fever, chills, general feeling of fatigue and lesions in the skin. If not treated immediately, this may worsen and result in cardiac and neurological problems.


House mouse and rodents are often the cause of rickettsialpox. This is commonly transmitted to humans by the bite of mites. You will know that you are infected if you get chills, fever, backache, headache and skin rashes.

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