The Roles of Your Fashion Stylist

Fashion styling is amongst the upcoming professions in the vogue industry across the globe. A fashion stylist is entitled to choose the best accessories and clothing for your events. They can work as a large talented team working under your supervision and coordination. You should hand them instructions and the desired job specifications.

Often, these stylists do not operate independently. They perform their duties hand in hand with a designer, director, photographer and hair and makeup stylist towards their desired outlook. Here are their roles:

  • Create periodical articles on latest trends in the industry.
  • Show the direction that fashion is taking to designers, buyers and developers of the product.
  • Select the clothing to be worn by various professions for example TV personnel, celebrities, CEO etc.
  • Advise and direct you on matters of photographic approaches and the selection of locations, props, clothing, models, makeup artists, photographers, hair stylists and the overall look for photo shoots.
  • Choose the items that will appear in the media or in a magazine.
  • Present speeches at events regarding fashion trends and image display.

You might need their services for the following reasons:

  • Television—If you are a TV personality, you need to have their advice. If you are involved in broadcasting, acting soap operas, drama, talent shows and other televised activities, better hold on to your stylist.
  • Wardrobe—Fashion stylists, at times, work under the rules of a costume designer. If you are an actor or an actress, a stylist will design your wardrobe for you. They will always give you sound advice. Best of all, you will have that desired look.
  • Shows—You might be planning to attend a show or public gathering. Your stylist will still be of immense importance to you. They always tend to give a perfect blend of events to the choice of clothing to be adorned.
  • Commercials and Videos—This entails styling actors and models for advertising, production of film clips and development of educational videos.