Typical Examples Of Ronix Wakeboards

• Bill ronix wakeboard

This Ronix wakeboard has the best selling mix of pontoon and stop in the course of recent years and which got a noteworthy upgrade for improved link execution. The main genuine ceaseless rocker in our range was made for quicker and smoother takes offs from the wake, and longer sessions at the recreation center. We dispersed the Bill, tossed a wood center in it, and after that additional some creepy crawly webbed mystery sauce in the tip, tail and focal point of the board. The outcome is an indestructible ride with more feel both on the water and on elements, and above all, highlighting all the new Mute Core, which lessens the commotion normally found in a wood center.

• Space blanket ronix wakeboard

This Ronix wakeboard is the cutting edge line of camber sheets with one objective – expanded skim speed. It has more than 30% less resistance with the water and included top water energy than its ancestor known as The Bandwagon, demonstrating that there is nothing moderate about camber. For the rider that needs the majority of the advantages of that one of a kind impartially adjusted camber riding style and the soundness of a major board that rides little, without trading off speed and resistance with the water. Space blanket comes standard with Aircore 2.0, the lightest center we have ever made for the rider that needs hole shot reaction out of a turn, and minimal measure of swing weight noticeable all around.


Camber is the greatest improvement in riding since a man called Herb O’Brien a huge personality in the water sports industry who made the principal fiberglass layup. Camber actually places you in even more an impartially adjusted weight appropriation – permitting you to drive off the wake with both legs in an all the more ergonomically adjusted body position. This is the hard charging contrasting option to our other camber arrangement called the Space Blanket for the rider that needs moment board reaction. A completely upgraded shape for 2017 with some significant changes including an overhauled camber stash that extraordinarily builds the float speed with less delay the water, another Air Core with I-Beam Construction, and a more slender tip for less swing weight, with a quicker general rail outline.


• One – A.T ronix wakeboard

Planned off of an indistinguishable shape from the One wakeboard including the most notable 3-arrange lift, and a profile with minimal measure of resistance with the water. Another less costly development for the rider that needs the blend of the opening shot reaction of a year ago’s carbon rendition, and the smoothness of the best Ronix wakeboards.