The Kind of Ronix Wakeboards For You

In Australia there are a lot of surfing destinations available which probably makes water sports the most common activity that locals or even tourists get to experience in the country. With the boom of businesses that offer water sports gears and accessories, the avid wake boarder may have a hard time choosing which among the companies can offer wakeboards that are best, especially for tourists and beginners. Good thing, Ronix offer different kinds of wakeboard to suit each specific need. There are Ronix wakeboards for men, women and children, expert or beginner alike.

How to choose a wakeboard

In choosing the kind of wakeboard that is ideal for you, the most basic things to be considered is your weight and riding style. Weight determines the size of the wakeboard you will use and the riding style determines what kind of board profile would be best for you. Each board Ronix makes is uniquely constructed so every rider can be assured that among the numerous Ronix wakeboards available online, there is one that is specifically made for you.

A photo by Steven Welch.

Wakeboard Size Chart

The chart below offers a basic guide on how to choose the right board size for your weight.

Rider Weight (lbs) Wakeboard Length (cm)
<100 <130
100-150 130 – 134
160-180 135 – 139
190-250 140 – 144
250+ >144

Two Basic Board Profiles

This refers to “rocker” or the shape of the board from tail to tip. The rocker can be identified by laying the board on a flat surface and viewed from the side.

1. Continuous Rocker Wakeboard

When viewed from the side, this board has forms an arc that is smooth on the underside. This kind of rocker offers a smooth performance from tip to tail. You can generate a lot of speed in this kind of board since the smooth curvature of the board can slice through water with minimum resistance. This kind of board is great for use with smooth waves.

2. 3-Stage Rocker Wakeboard

The underside of this board is completely flat against the surface of the water, while the tip and tail rises at an angle from the board creating edges. The shape of this board creates more friction so it can be a bit slower than the continuous type. It creates more pop (height) when you hit the wake. Landing on this kind of board can be a bit harsh.

Remember, less rocker means a flatter bottom that offers slower, but more control on straight runs. Higher rocker offers faster rides and makes lands smoother and easier. For beginners, a continuous rocker is what’s commonly recommended.

When you already know the size that is right for you and the kind of board profile suited for your style, you can choose from numerous Ronix wakeboards available in their online stores. Wakeboards are available for men, women and they offer a junior line of wakeboards which parents and children alike can choose from.