Commercial Deep Fryers

Most restaurants nowadays are fast-food chains, each restaurant possibly having thousands of other branches all over a country or even the world. Of course, being fast-food chains, they serve fast-cooked-meals. Most of that is rich in oil and is cooked through a deep fryer, a device use to soak food. This is also one way of lengthening the lifespan of food, even by just a little bit. You wouldn’t normally find this in someone’s home unless they’re either rich or just like deep fried snacks. Deep fryers are normally found at fast-food chains, making the cooking of fast food much quicker. They also increase the maximum amount of food or ingredient you can cook, and some have an oil filter, which separates the fried food or ingredient to make making the next preparations a lot easier.

There are two types of deep fryers based on what they consume, which are the electric deep fryer and the gas deep fryers. Electric type fryers use the electricity to make thermal energy and heat the oil, which means all you would need to do is to plug it into a socket. Gas type fryers use gas as a way to ignite something and heat the oil. There are many kinds of this, each having different quality and efficiency, but they’re all commercial deep fryers.



Commercial fryers are the type that are higher in quality than other kinds of fryers. They are made by big business companies and are mass produced if successful in sales. There is also a special kind of  fryer, the specialty deep fryer. These are used for those wacky recipes like a carnival or fair foods. Naturally, they look different from the other two types, which by the way is pretty much what they consume and how they’re switched on and off. Although they’re pretty much the same and serve the same purpose, they are used for different types of foods.

  • Gas deep fryers are for crunchy appetisers, crispy chicken parmesan, and tasty concession food and are usually used by foods trucks and stands.
  • Electric deep fryers are for efficient heating and fast recovery between healing cycles, and most of the functions are automatic just like the oil filtration system. Each type of fryer has different examples. Like the electric deep fryer which are: countertop, floor fryer,fryers with filtration system, and split pot.
  • The gas deep fryer has the same types as the electric fryer. The specialty fryer’s examples are: vent less countertop, pressure, funnel cake and doughnut, drop-in funnel cake and doughnut floor, outdoor steamers and outdoor fryer.

 But all of the three have fryer parts and accessories to keep your unit operating as efficiently.  The commercial deep fryers can be bought online and be delivered to you. Overall, they pretty much fast forward cooking while consuming less oil, since it replenishes.