Benefits Of Using Glasswashers

Glasswashers are essentially bench top or under bench machines designed to wash glasswares. The detergent, rinsing method and the whole setup are solely designed for utensils made of glass, hence washing other types of kitchen wares is not recommended. Glasswashers typically utilise treated water that is connected to the washer itself. The treated water contains minerals that enhance the soil-removing function of the dishwasher.

Typically, a glasswasher can handle 15 racks per hour and the wash cycle usually last for estimated two minutes. For very large operations, conveyor-type commercial glasswashers are used. Also, they are commonly used for commercial use. Manual washing for a busy setting would take time and may cause breakage, scratches, or dents due to the fact that glasses are brittle in nature. The built-in wire racks in these washers serve as a safety storage which prevents the mentioned scenario from happening. Larger types are even built with racks with dividers and frames. Hence, for bars, cafes, pubs, and restaurants, commercial glasswashers are definitely handy. Here are some of their major benefits.

Appropriate Washer

Unlike ordinary dishwashers that can damage glass wares because of the high temperature, strong detergent, damaging cleaning methods, and longer wash cycle, commercial glasswasher utilises milder detergents, shorter yet effective duration wash cycle, and an ideal temperature high enough to kill microorganisms but not enough to trigger breakage. Also, with a milder kind of detergent, the quality of glassware is preserved causing no streaky marks brought by stronger detergents. Of course, this will affect the aesthetics and appeal of the glass wares which may disappoint the customers. Moreover, the milder kind of detergent in addition to a good rinse aid works well enough to remove the milky and sticky stains.


Around 700 glass wares can be washed in an hour which saves the business a lot of time and makes the glass wares readily available for use. Certain customers can be really demanding and finicky hence serving them quickly and excellently is a key in keeping them. Preserving manpower by using commercial glasswashers can do a lot of favour and more important staff duties are given enough attention.

Additionally, manual washing of glasses can compromise the quality of the utensils. Service crews may do the washing in a rush or find it tiresome, compromising the quality of work.


Aside from saving the business from labour and breakage costs, glasswashers can help the business save energy, water, detergent, and other resources. They are also cheaper in the market compared to dishwashers. This gives commercial glasswashers an advantage as it can perform better than dishwashers in maintaining the quality of glass wares. Also, they do not contribute too much noise and stress in the work area. They are designed to operate in a quiet and gentle manner. Instead of buying more expensive dishwashers, purchasing a glasswasher is more advantageous especially if the business focuses on serving foods and drinks in glass wares.