Be A Boss Of Yourself And Run A Coffee Van Business

Coffee van business does not require high investment. For people who love to experiment with a casual business, which can bring reasonable income, a coffee van sale is a good option. You can do it as a full time or part time business. You will have the choice to decide whether to run the business during the peak hours or run the business from morning to evening. Considering the physical effort applying for the sales and income received from the sales, you can decide whether a part-time business will be more profitable than a full-time business.

Starting the business:

The first and foremost thing is buying a coffee van. You need to make a market survey to find out from where you can get a cheap coffee van with all the built in accessories. There are many fabricators in Australia offering readymade coffee vans, and it is only a matter of negotiation to fix a good deal. If you know what are the appliances required to run a coffee van business then things would be easy to start. Ready coffee vans equipped with optional accessories also a good option and you can decide on the accessories depending on your budget.


Selecting the brand

As you know, coffee vans are available in different sizes and prices, and you can select the size of the coffee van depending on your anticipated natures of business. You need have a clear idea of the accessories such as coffee grinders, dispensing machines, cabinets, refrigerators, ovens, lighting, generator, etc. The crucial part of the business set up is, what would be the brand of coffee you want to put on sales in your coffee van business. Maybe you need to identify the brand, depending on the area and type of customers whom you are targeting. However, it will not be a wise idea to keep only one brand; instead, it would be a smart idea to have multiple dispensing machines that can cater different type of coffee.

Design your coffee van:

Decorate your coffee van with excellent graphic designs as if looks like a brand, supported with a good logo. Alternatively, you will get an option to associate with reputed brands as a franchise. Franchising will reduce your marketing pressure since there will be goodwill for the brand, marketing will be easy.

Uniform makes the difference:

If you are planning to run a franchise coffee van venture, then naturally franchise will give you the necessary sales training and service kits. By wearing the franchise uniform, you can readily amalgamate into the franchise family and be part of the venture. On the other hand, if you are planning to run an independent venture than develop a matching uniform that can go well with the business.


Running a coffee van business on your own can give a lot of freedom. It will help you to derive a business strategy, and you do not have to report to anybody. Your conscious will be your master, and you can enjoy the business being part of its everyday growth and dream for further development.