Timber Flooring Homemade Cleaners

There are many available DIY cleaning products you can use to clean your timber flooring. Actually, anything homemade is more recommended as it is more natural. We listed a few good homemade cleaning solutions you can use. Before using these DIY solutions, the first thing you need to know is the type of floor you have and how it was sealed and finished.

Timber flooring is known for being comparatively low maintenance. Most of the time, simple mopping can do the job perfectly. When the floor is extra dirty or you see that there is more cleaning required, doing the following homemade solutions can make your cleaning easier and more effortless:

  • So, you want to add a nice and soothing fragrance to your cleaning solution? Then a combination of water, vinegar, and essential oil is all you need. Mix them all together. However, make sure that before you start mopping, squeeze away all water possible off the mop. Afterwards, leave it to dry.
  • The good news is that there are a lot of essential oils you can choose from. A few drops are all you need to make your home smell perfectly soothing and relaxing.
  • If water is not recommended for your wood floor type, then, you can try using vinegar and vegetable oil. Mix them well together in a spray bottle, then spray the mixture on a clean cloth and start working on the floor.
  • Invest in a spray bottle, to make sure that nozzle or sprinkler is working perfectly.
  • For grimy floors, the simplest but most effective homemade cleaning solution is plant-based liquid soap, water, and vinegar—with the option of adding essential oil. These three ingredients are so very effective when mixed together.
  • Does your floor have one or two lumps? All you need are ordinary tea bags. They will not only clean your floor but can give it some lustre and shine as well. Brew a couple of tea bags and let it cool before applying them on your flooring.

If you ever have a hard time cleaning your floors on your own? Don’t worry, you can always hire the professionals.

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