4 Common Causes of Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are a huge inconvenience. It can transform into a bigger problem and you’ll end up spending lots of money in repairs. Therefore, it would be wise to get rid of this problem immediately. When you find out its causes, you’ll apply the solutions to exterminate the problem right away.

Bad Installation

If you chose to install the water pipes yourself, it’s possible you committed mistakes. Unfortunately, the effects of your mistakes won’t be felt until several years later. It’s better to have a professional plumber install the water pipes as they’re experienced in that type of task.

Solid Objects Stuck

Children have a habit of flushing solid objects because they’re not aware of the horrible effects of their actions. When they flush their small toys, the items may get stuck in the water pipes. Therefore, it would be important to assign a guardian to control the child’s actions.

Cracked Pipes

Even if it’s a small crack in your pipe, it can never be underestimated. It can still become a cause for tree roots to enter the pipe and grow. Unfortunately, tree roots grow rapidly once they get access to the food source in the sewer.

Fat Blockage

Fat blockages usually occur in the kitchen sink because it’s common to wash off fats from dishes down the sink. Unfortunately, once fat builds up, it solidifies and causes the pipe to get blocked. It would be better to put something that would block the fat from getting in the drains.

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