3 Homemade Leather Cleaning Solutions You Can Use

Leather cleaning is not an easy task to do—it requires expertise and knowledge to ensure that the quality of leather will not be sacrificed whilst maintaining it. There are cleaning solutions available on the market, but making your homemade solutions would be a great alternative. Below are few homemade solutions you can use when working on leather cleaning:

Removing Usual Spots

Spots on leather are nothing but normal, and cleaning it is easy.

• Ingredients: cream of tartar, lemon juice
• Procedure: Combine two ingredients together with the same ratio. Once a paste-like texture is achieved, apply it to the spot using a soft clean cloth. Let it sit for hours, then apply more paste. Wait for an hour and finally wipe it off. Water spots, on the other hand, can be removed by dampening the area with a little water. Let it dry. It is not recommended that you place it in the sun to dry.

Removing Road Salt

This can be used for your coat, shoes or anything of the like.

• Ingredients: white vinegar, water
• Procedure: Mix white vinegar and water in the same ratio. Using a cloth, dip it into the solution, and then spot it over to your coat or shoes to remove salt. This may require you to do the process

over and over to ensure that the entire surface is clean. This will bring back the almost new look of your coat and shoes. It is highly advised that you clean leather shoes regularly with a clean cloth. Cleaning of shoes and coat should be done in the softest manner.

Keeping Leather Supple

You always want your leather—may it be on upholstery or clothing—to be always flexible. Below is a simple step to do so:

• Ingredients: linseed oil, white vinegar
• Procedure: Combine linseed oil and white vinegar in the same ratio. Place the solution in a jar with lid, and shake it well before applying it to the leather using a soft cloth. Leave it for 12 hours before buffing. When you see your cloth starting to get soiled, replace it right away.

Leather cleaning is necessary for different reasons other than the above. Needless to say, it should be done on a regular basis or when the need arises. If the issue is graver than normal, leave the tasks to the professionals.