Difference Between Rekeying and Replacing Locks

To improve the safety of your home, you need to hire locksmiths who can make a fix or change your locks. In cases where your door locks become broken, you may need a Rekey locksmith so that you can easily open the door once again. Do you need to rekey or replace your lock? First, let’s find out what’s the difference between the two.

Rekeying locks

The professional specialising in this procedure, known as a Rekey locksmith, would remove the pins and springs in the lock cylinder in exchange for new ones that will work with a new and different key. This is often done when there is a new owner who will occupy the room.

Aside from changing the mechanical structure inside the lock cylinder, any Rekey locksmith can also do the following during the rekeying process:

•    To create a master key – For apartments and other properties with multiple locks that have only one landowner, it is advisable that he/she should have a master key so that he/she can open all the doors of the units. Locksmiths can come up with a master key system by rekeying the locks so that only a single key is needed to access all doors in the property.

•    To check the condition of locks – In cases where the lock does not function smoothly, rekeying can remove the possible obstructions and rusts that are found inside any lock. By opening the chamber, professionals can apply lubricants such as grease or machine oil to make the mechanism inside the lock operate more smoothly.

Replacing locks

There are instances when you need to replace your keys, especially when you can no longer use the rekey process because of the keys have worn out or when there is a serious damage inside the lock. Some property owners may also want to upgrade the old locks with electronic ones or those with a more sophisticated mechanism for better security.