The Ultimate Guide before Getting a Boob Job

If you’re considering breast augmentation, maybe you must need to know information about it and how it should be done. It’s like just researching for a house before you move. You need to do your research well to not be regretful and blame yourself afterwards. Knowledge is power, so here’s everything you need to know and consider before getting the work done.

No Smoking

If you are a smoker, then you need to stop if you really want to have breast augmentation. Smoking could impose a higher chance of surgical complications. It is strongly recommended stopping using all of the products that contain nicotine. Some of the complications that may happen are blood clots, the anaesthetic problem as and contracture or distortion of the implants. Smoking also affects skin loss that will affect your treatment after some time.

Breast Augmentation

From Small to Large

If you have small boobs or an A cup, you better limit your expectation and don’t set the bar high. You can’t get a D cup after one operation. Be sceptical, if you’re friend got an operation and you’re impressed by the results, don’t expect you will have the same. We all have different fats and body types. You can’t switch from small to big in an instant; it will just give you a bigger version of what you have.

Breast Health

More than anything, your health must be in a good condition before deciding for an operation. It will be painful and the results may bring some complications if you already have problems beforehand. You need to make sure that you don’t have any issue and have proper check-ups are done. Ask your surgeon what are the possible outcomes after the breast transplant so you won’t be surprised and be aware of the risks that could happen.

Dr David Sharp Plastic Surgery knows that in order to look good, you must also exert effort to achieve what you wanted to become. If you desire to be like your friend or the girl you always see in the park or one of your officemates that have a flawless body, then surgery must not be for you. The breast augmentation Ipswich will just enhance your features but it won’t change your insecurity and the way you view things. You don’t need others people’s compliment to be perfect to their standards. Accept yourself first and everything will follow.