How The Guided Light Of Reiki Heals

Prior to entering Reiki energy healing training people need to get a true understanding of how the guiding light of Reiki heals. This is an explanation as to how the guided light of the universal life force heals people through the use of Reiki.

What Reiki Taps Into

Reiki energy healing training teaches people how to tap into the amazing and powerful light of the life force which surrounds all of us. It is part of higher spiritual intelligence which is responsible for all creation and function in the universe.

How the Healing Power Is Guided

One of the first thing people learn in Reiki energy healing training is that the light of this form of healing is not guided by the mind. Instead this form of light energy healing is intuitive nature. The person offering the healing is using their body as an instrument to direct healing light and energy where it is needed. The light force itself directs itself to the areas of a person’s body most in need of receiving healing energy. While the person offering Reiki can have some influence on the energy being projected, the majority of the energy comes from the universal life force. This means the ability to offering this form of healing is not limited to the personal and spiritual abilities of an individual offering it. This also means this form of healing cannot be misused since it always offers a positive effect.

Mirroring the Healer

When people are pulling the light of the universal life force through them to heal others, they are blending this light with the energy which is already flowing through them. This means the person receiving a Reiki treatment from another receives energy which mirrors that of the person practicing Reiki on them. This gives people offering Reiki treatments a way for them to offer the most ideal healing conditions for people to truly heal. People who offer Reiki treatments learn in in this form of energy healing training how to become more spiritually grounded and enlightened in order to offer this higher form of healing.

How the Light Heals

The healing energy which is being drawn through the person offering, flows though and around the person receiving it. This animates physical tissues and organs during this process. This offers a positive energy which creates a healthy condition. Reiki offers a way of unblocking the flow of energy in the body which has been disrupted and resulting in illness or general discord.

Basically Reiki taps into the truth that the 2 to 3 foot energy field, or aura which surround the body, is constantly giving off energy and receiving energy. Reiki simply direst more of the positive life force light energy into the body. The power of doing this has far reaching healing effects on people.

This gentle and benign healing practice has recently become more popular in the Western world because of the many wonderful results it offers. If you have been considering becoming a spirituality energy healer, this could be a wonderful option to explore.