What are Heat Pump Hot Water Systems?

According to statistics, an average home uses over 50% of the total electric energy consumption to heat water. If these homes adopted an efficient way of heating water that doesn’t use electrical power, it means they would reduce their electricity bills by more than half. It seems like it’s impossible to heat water efficiently without using electric energy. By installing heat pump hot water systems, you can reduce the use of electric energy almost by half.

These are pumps that are efficient for storing and heating water. They extract heat from the air, ground or water. One of the most commonly used types of heat pumps water heater is the air sourced heat pump water heater.

How does air-sourced heat pumps work?

The air-sourced water heating system is programmed to extract heat from the atmosphere and uses it to heat the water. They are efficient and reliable. These water heaters use electricity for them to function. It is estimated that they consume a third of what other electric water heaters consume. It is one the qualities that make the water pump more efficient over other heaters.

Air sourced heat pumps use the same principle with a refrigerator the only difference is that the fridge gets the heat out of it making it cooler while the air sourced heat pump takes the heat from outside and get it to heat the water.

Advantages of heat pump hot water systems:

Heat pump hot water systems have some benefits. These benefits include;

• They can be used to heat huge amount of water using little electric energy.
• They are easy to control; they only need to be set for the first day and from that point they adapt, and you won’t need to be setting them always.
• In most cases, they are not affected by weather and environment; the weather can be rainy and they can still manage to heat water.
• They have a longer lifespan and are cheap to maintain.
• They are Eco-friendly. They do not emit any waste to the environment and they also help to conserve electric energy compared to the typical water heaters.


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