Artificial Lawn: Installation Tips and Guidelines

Installing an artificial lawn can truly change and improve your outdoor experience. Unlike the bare concrete, this material can give a nature-like vibe and life in your home. But before installing it, you must first consider which type of grass to use and how to successfully install it.

Getting it right the first time

For people who just discovered the artificial lawn, you must know that this product has a lot of varieties and models on the market. Make sure that your choice fits the ambience and features of your home. Artificial lawn is manufactured to enjoy the outdoor area of your home and add flair to its landscape. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Be mindful of the weather and environment

Start by finding out the environment you’re in as well as the weather. Sometimes, too much heat can shrink the material, obliging you to water it regularly. If your house is located near the highway, it is recommended to water the grass at least twice a day. Being aware of the location of your home helps you to find the best type of artificial turf to use.

You can save a lot of money when you’ve determined the environment and location of your home. Call the experts to be sure. They can help you choose, install and maintain the artificial lawn.

Choose the right fibre

In establishments like parks, malls and hotels, foot traffic is heavy. If you’re not careful, spots and stains can happen on your lawn. Therefore, consider finding the right fibre to use. There are three basic fibre types: high, average and short.

The first type can be seen in swimming pools at hotels as it brings out the natural vibe of the area. People use the average fibre for balconies whilst the short one can be spotted in malls.

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