What is a Spit Roast?

Spit roast is an excellent cooking method wherein the piece of meat is skewered through a long rod. The piece of food is then cooked over a low heat. Ideally, coals or fire is used for a smoky, unique aroma. However, it’s common practice to use ovens today. The rod is rotated slowly as it evenly cooks the meat. This method is also called rotisserie.

Benefits of Rotisserie Cooking

Spit roast cooking yields tender, moist and flavourful pieces of meat. This is because it’s cooked on a very low fire, allowing tough pieces of meat to tenderise. On the other hand, delicate meats like fish retain its texture without too much room for overcooking. As the rod rotates over the heat source, the food is continually basted in its own juices. Using coals adds a smoky taste to food.

What are the types of rotisserie cooking? There are two basic types, namely:

  1. Horizontal

We commonly see this type. The rods are mounted, as the name suggests, horizontally, with the heat source coming from the bottom. Ovens are used in industrial scale rotisserie, similar to what we commonly see in supermarkets.

For this to work, the meat needs to be balanced perfectly. Even distribution of weight along the rod is important, as this allows it to turn. If it doesn’t, it could lead to uneven cooking.

  1. Vertical

Vertical rotisserie is often seen in Middle-Eastern and European cooking. The heat source comes from the side, which cooks the meat one section at a time. Gyros, Doner kebabs, shawarmas and tacos are all cooked using this style. Weight balance is less important, as the rotation does not need to be even.

Spit roast cooking is a great way to spice up weekend barbecues. They provide a great centrepiece for your party. A simple rotisserie setup will yield tender, juicy and delicious meats your guests will enjoy. However, it can be complicated to assemble one at home. Thankfully, there are many rotisserie caters who can provide you with one.

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