Hire Us On Your Upcoming Party!

So, you’re planning a party for your friends and family. You’ve prepared the place, the list of guests, and even the theme. But there’s one vital thing you still don’t know what to do. The food. If you’re still thinking what unique dish to serve to your visitors, worry no more because we’ve got you covered. Yum Paella is here to serve you paella dishes that people will surely enjoy.


One of the critical components we make sure to have is providing quality foods for our clients. We know how food makes us happy, so we make it a point to look for the best materials to use. Aside from making our paella visually appealing, you won’t be disappointed to its taste because we only acquire the freshest meat, vegetables, and seafood in Melbourne. We also make sure we use good quality rice to achieve the thickness and consistency authentic paella has.


When you are in a party, the last thing you want to experience is to eat food that you don’t enjoy. The taste, smell and aroma must be present in a dish for us to be happy. At Yum Paella, we live by our mission as we always provide flavourful food to our customers. Aside from feeding their stomach, we also want to feed their soul by making them pleasurably satisfied to what we offer.


For those who are looking for a catering company that can serve delicious food for an affordable price, look no further because we can help you. Depending on the menu that works with your budget, we can customise our recipe without comprising the quality. We can serve a minimum of 25 people making it affordable for you.

Whether you are planning event months away or you need a last-minute catering company for your party, we are happy to comply with that. If you want to experience a tasteful paella dishes, then you are on the right page because that’s the mission we valued for years. Melbourne Paella also offers salad dishes like the classic Garden Salad, Spanish Salad, Crisp Cos and other healthy dishes that’s perfect for celebration or banquet. To more about our service, don’t hesitate to ring us a call as we are happy to help you.