3 Things That Can Ruin your Wedding Videos Shoot

As a videographer you want to provide the best service to your client. Therefore, you need to do a background check of issues such as lighting, positioning and behavior that can ruin your video shoot. Here, will discuss more about them.


Lighting is a determinant for production of clear images. Hence, being aware of the venues lighting is imperative to successful wedding videos shooting.

During indoor activities, light is dark. A camera with low wattage light works best for the indoor activity. In addition, diffusing the light will ensure that it is spread evenly preventing squinting that is bad on videos.

You can also ensure that you prearrange for lightings for special moments such as toasting or cake cutting.

If the event is an outdoor one, the only thing to worry about is whether the bride, bridegroom or guests are positioned direct to sunlight as it washes out vibrant colors. In shade or around canopies you are assured of enough light that result to quality shooting.

Important moments

Key moment differs among couples. However, there are basic important moments that you should capture in your wedding videos.

Positioning strategies must be ensured prior the wedding so as to have the best shots and also keep the key moments such as kiss the bride moment, as intimate as it can be.

You need to inform the couple to be aware of such moments and be ready for them. Rehearsing can help to ensure such is achieved; even when distractions such as overcrowding around the bride and bridegroom during the vow exchange may occurs especially in small weddings Anyway you need to be prepared for the distraction by for instance, using small hidden cameras thoughtfully placed throughout the event location for multiple camera angles.

In some wedding ceremonies, unity candles are lit during key moments such as ring exchange. You should be aware of that so as to position your camera such that it is standing off at an angle where the candle is in between the bride and the bride groom, to give the you the best shot.

Actions that can ruin your video

Be aware of terrible actions on video such as smoking and chewing. You should keep in mind that small issues such as private comments are not recorded. Moreover, avoid reacting in the presence of the camera or turning your back on the camera as such is considered unusable.

When you keep in mind the above issues, you are assured that your wedding videos will not be ruined. Keep thyself safe from embarrassment.

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