Slushie Machine Hire Operator: What would they like to tell you?

When getting slushie machine hire, you may be given two options, you can either work on your own serving of slushed drinks to your guests or you can ask them to send an operator to serve the drinks to your guests. Actually, the latter is a better options considering that you do not want the machine to get damaged just because of improper usage, and end up paying the damages, and to make sure that serving of slushed drinks are controlled.

Now that you know that an operator can be included as you get slushie machine hire, it is best if you get to know them and make sure that you understand them even if they do not speak. Slushy machine hire Sydney operators can be highly professionals, thus even if they want to tell you anything or complain at least, they would not.

Below are things that your slushie machine hire operators would want to tell you, “only if they can”

Im hungry, please give me a break, feed me

Yes, he or she is on a party, thus eating should be something that he or she be rewarded. Yes, they are there to ensure that all guests are getting fair share of slushed drinks, but there is nothing wrong of you will feed them the same. Give them food that is like those you are serving your guests. They also get tired and hungry, thus giving them a break and feeding them would really be nice.

Tell your guests to respect me

Some guests are going beyond their limitations, especially those that are tipsy, thus sometimes they are starting to treat people negatively. Operators of slushie machine hire can be very respectful, that even if they are getting treated bad, they wont speak. Better stand for them and speak to your guests and make sure that you send them a clear message that you want the operator to be treated right.

Can you give me extra pay?

A tip is something that is not a requirement or something that they may expect, but hey, their jobs are not easy, standing there for a long time is not a walk in the park, giving them a tip or something they can bring home, money or food, is definitely something that will pay off their hardwork. Be generous and kind, give them an extra pay.