Photo Booth Hire Tips


Favors for parties and weddings have become more customized, and thoughtful over the last few years. Many couples plan to make them more memorable and enjoyable for their guests. Sydney photo booth hire have become one of the most popular options for favors. In some areas you are able to find photo booth hire. Here are some tips if you are looking to have a photo booth for hire at your event.

  • Style of Photo Booth

There are a few different types of photo booths hire. The best option is to get a real photo booth since people act much differently in a real photo booth, than when everyone can see them. Real photo booths produce better photos. You should also think about the venue and how the photo booth that you are planning to hire will look like. Also, think about how many guests you are going to have at your wedding, as different photo booths have different print times.

  • Size

The size of the photo booth affects how many people can use the photo booth at one time. Some photo booths can have over 15 people in them at once. Also, many are able to have people in wheelchairs use them, but you should ask before booking the photo booth, especially if you know one of your guests uses a wheel chair.

  • Quality

If you are going to use a photo booth hire, you should ask for sample photo images to make sure that the photos are high quality. Many photo booth rental companies have sample photos on their websites. You should also ask about what finish the photos will be printed in and if there are options to have the photos printed in both black and white and color.

  • Price

The price of photo booth hire for a day varies from place to place, and rental companies. Many rental companies have a set price of the amount of hours that you need the photo booth for. Travel fees will also be added to the final price. You should note if the photos are unlimited, or if you pay a cost for every photo printed during the event.

  • Time

Most photo booth rental times range from 3 to 6 hours. This can be increased if you think that your event will last longer than that time frame. Remember, it is cheaper to book more hours before the event, as extra fees will be added for a late pick up.