Rock Walls For Aesthetics

A rock wall is often built simply for aesthetics. There is not necessarily any functional reason for them besides making your garden looking pretty. Sometimes they are used to highlight a focal point in the garden or even as a surrounding wall for a pond. These walls are fairly easy to build and quite easily done as a DIY project. A rock wall is usually a small wall and no specific permits or plans are required.

These little rock wall can last as long as 100 years as long as they are properly reinforced. The base of these walls should always be built from concrete and wire as this offers strength and reinforcing. Reinforcing can be in the form of chicken mesh, expanded metal or even barbed wire. Ensure that sufficient drainage pipes are inserted near the base of the wall. The pipes can be in the form of rubber, plastic of steel pipes. Be sure to leave at least four inches behind your first rock so that you can fill it with wire reinforcing or you could even clean out a ditch at the bottom of the slope. Fill the ditch with mortar and the wire and then roll your first row of rocks into place. The cement and wire is a perfect, solid base for your small rock wall. If you don’t put this base or footing in, the rock wall may move over time.

Your small rock wall offers the perfect little seating stool in the garden and a lovely place to sit and enjoy the sunlight and the birds. Your rock wall could surround a pond in your garden that houses fish or even ducks and you could incorporate a makeshift waterfall using a water fountain and pump.

If you love flowers and plants, use your rock wall as a focal point for your prized orchids or those roses you have been tending to for years.

These small rock walls are definitely not built out of functional necessity and they have no particular task in holding back sand from your home but are simply little features you can add to your garden to make it pleasing to the eye or created as a focal characteristic in your garden. They are merely aesthetic and you can dress them up in any way you see fit.

Have some fun and use up those stones lying in your back yard and create something magical and beautiful.