Be Warned About These Roofing Frauds

Just looking at it, it is quite obvious that the roof is one of the most if not, really the most important part of any building, whether that is residential or commercial. It protects everything that is under it, thus if you want to ensure that your property will always be standing, make sure to maintain the roofing as it should be. Since it is in a position where you cannot check on it often, it is best to hire the experts from roof restoration Gold Coast to do it. A professional roofing contractor will right away know where to check as they know what part of the roofing will be easily get damaged.


When choosing a roofing contractor though, you have to be careful as there are now a number of roofing frauds. Learn about them below:

1. Down payment disappearing

• Have you heard about this? For sure you do like maybe from your friends or relatives. This happens when a roofing contractor will demand for a kind of down payment claiming they need it to buy the materials. But once the money is handed, they will be nowhere to be seen. Most of the time, they will target those who have complete equity of their property as they will just sign over or maybe, just cash an insurance check. Thus you should be wary for this and think twice before giving a down payment.

2. The strange door-to-door roofing agent

• This is also another type of roofing fraud that happens to a number of people. Most of the time, this will happen after storm or some kind of calamity. Just like a pro salesman, people like these are trained to sell and they will really do it expertly like you will most likely believe them. What they will do is they will tell you they provide free roofing inspection and even if there is no damage found, they will fabricate one. It could be that they are already prepared with pictures of defective roofing and that is what they will present to you so that you will buy their products. You should be wary about this as this can affect your future insurance claims.

3. Storm chasers

• For sure you already heard about them as they are quite publicized though there are still a number of homeowners that will fall for them. What they will do is they will blanket those areas that are reported to have strong winds so that after the storm, they will start doing their scams. Thus if you want to avoid them, just don’t deal with unknown people.

4. The fluctuating bid

• This is another common fraud and this happens when a roofing contractor will offer a really cheap roof replacement. Of course there is a good chance for an innocent homeowner to fall for this knowing how expensive roofing repairs are. However, once the work will start, problems will be presented by them and at the end of the day, the homeowner paid up a lot more money than the initial agreement.