A Demolition Specialist

Demolition is something that is most often a necessity when an old building has become a hazard to the community and area around it or if there are plans for future buildings on the land on which the old one stands. It is not an easy job and careful consideration has to be given to the safety of the building around the one to be demolished as well as to the safety of the workers on the demolition team.

This is a job that requires a qualified demolition specialist in order to ensure the work is carried out safely, efficiently, effectively and in line with the laws governing the state. There are certain factors to take into consideration when selecting a demolition specialist for your project.


A qualified and reputable demolition specialist in Brisbane should have access to the most up to date and technologically advanced demolition equipment and tools available on the market. The equipment should be easily used in domestic situations or commercial situations. The staff should be well trained and skilled enough to use the machinery with competency.

Most demolition projects create hazardous waste which cannot just be disposed of like any normal trash as it is harmful to humans and the environment. A reputable professional will have an extensive knowledge of how to dispose of these material is a safe and effective manner. They will have the necessary knowledge of processes, machinery and laws which regulate these hazardous material such as asbestos.

Any demolition will create mounds of debris big and small. A qualified and reputable demolition expert will safely reduce the building to rubble but will also remove that rubble from the work site.

You need to be assured that your demolition specialist has a clear cut strategy for the demolition as well as preventative safety measures in place.

The contractor must be licensed by the correct authorities as a professional demolition specialist and they must be in possession of the required insurance coverage to guard against loss, damage and injury.

The quotation provided to you should be detailed and include everything from site survey, demolition to waste removal. The quotation should highlight the time frame for job completion as well as the completion duration for each process.

Demolition is not an easy job and can be unsafe if not done with careful planning, consideration and the use of the correct tools and machinery. Skill and training are imperative when selecting the demolition specialist for your project.