Sleep Apnea Dentists: Health Dangers of the Disorder

Sleep apnea dentists are getting in demand nowadays because of the rise of sufferers of this disorder. According to SNORE Australia, around 25% of men and 9% of women suffer from ‘clinically significant OSA (obstructive sleep apnoea)’. Many healthcare professionals attribute this numbers to the ‘obesity epidemic’ in the country. This slumber disorder takes place when a person’s throat and dental muscles loosen and block the upper airway whilst he/she is asleep. It is characterised by the following symptoms:

During the night

• Brief moments of snorting, gasping, or choking whilst asleep;
• Snoring
• Disturbed and restless shut-eye, which can lead to insomnia (inability to sleep)

More incidence of urination during the night

During waking hours:

• Dry mouth upon waking
• Morning headaches
• Excessive daytime sleepiness and fatigue
• Lack of energy
• Poor memory and concentration
• Fast weight gain

Apart from these inconveniences, the disorder can also lead to serious medical issues such as:

Cardiovascular disease – OSA can contribute to high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, cardiac rhythm disturbances and heart failure. It can even lead to night-time angina attacks that can be deadly.

Obesity – Patients with this health issue often suffer overfatigue during daytime and metabolic changes that lead to obesity. For a person with these conditions, losing excess weight is difficult.

Diabetes – OSA can also lead to insulin resistance to diabetes patients. Patients with this issue, even those without diabetes, have lowered glucose tolerance and increased glucose levels.

Problems in mental function – Extended unhealthy sleep patterns and lack of sleep can lead to anxiety, depression, poor memory and concentration, lack of motivation as well as changes in mood and behaviour.

Reduced sexual drive, especially in males – This disorder can lead to erectile dysfunction in males. Women also lose sexual drive because of OSA.

Consulting sleep apnea dentist on the Gold Coast can treat mild and even severe cases of OSA. They can prescribe you with dental devices that can prevent your tongue and other muscles in your mouth from collapsing whilst you are sleeping.

The Doctors You Can Trust

If you happen to be a female patient and your case is sensitive, there are times when it will be awkward for you to spill out everything to a male doctor. Admit is, though they are doctors in general and they are already used to seeing some sensitive parts of women, still they are male and some female patients like you might still feel embarrassed talking about really private matters to them.

It is just a good thing that if you are in this position, there are female doctors you can call. That is right and in fact, the female doctors in Merridown Family Surgery are more than capable of ensuring that your worries will be dealt with.

Check out below the services you can enjoy from them:


Whether you are still young or already an adult or even a senior citizen, you will always need protection from different hazards that you might encounter. Merridown Family Surgery can provide that to you as they are accredited to provide protections.

They can also do the same thing if you are about to travel as they are fully accredited as well to provide Yellow Fever vaccinations that are with a Government approved certification.

Skin Care

The skin is the largest organ of our body and once something will happen to it, it is given that the entire body will be affected. One of the most growing concerns of people these days is skin cancer. The thing with this disease is it can be fatal especially if it will not be detected right away. However, Merridown Family Surgery can be of help as with the advancement of technology, they have ways to detect early signs such as lesions, moles and so on.

Aside from skin cancer, they also deal with other skin problems such as:

  • Eczema
  • Warts
  • Acne
  • Dry skin
  • Fungal disease

Weight Control

The reason why you might fare well with them as your ally in controlling your weight is because they have a different approach. They know that when it comes to controlling the weight, there is really no “one size fits all”. Each individual is different and they will provide different solutions depending on the result of their check-ups.


As infants are still quite vulnerable to hazardous elements, it is important that you have someone to run to every time the need arises. Merridown Family Surgery can be your advocate in ensuring that your child will always be in the best of health.

Women’s Health

Sometimes, because of your busyness in attending the needs of your family, you forgot that you also need to take care of your own body. After all, how can you keep up your role if you are not well yourself? Let Merridown Family Surgery female doctors help you in staying healthy.

There are still some services that are not listed here in which Merridown Family Surgery offers such as exercise stress test, mental health, and allergy testing.

The good thing about them is you can book for their services online. You should give them a call now.


Maintaining Dental Health With the Help of Dentists

Since childhood, we have been taught to practice dental hygiene by brushing our teeth. We have also been taught that we need to visit dentists at least once a year. In fact, a visit to the school dentist has become part and parcel of school clinic services. Without a doubt, maintaining our dental health is vital for getting a very healthy mouth, shining teeth and strong gums. We understand perfectly that good dental health not only changes our appearance for the better, but it also can contribute to a long, happier life. So, visiting good, reputable dentists should be part of our health check-up schedule.

Going to the dentists regularly, not only when we have an aching tooth, is important. Regular check-ups can help prevent dental problems that will likely bother most of us later in life. Such problems may include holes in our teeth, dental caries or excessive tooth decay, bad mouth odour, gum disease and worst, heart disease that is secondary to teeth and gum disease.

Holes in our teeth result from the acids that develop out of the leftover foods that get stuck between our teeth. Even drinking sweet beverages such as soft drinks and juices can lead to an acidic mouth environment that can weaken teeth, ultimately leading to holes in the teeth. Once they appear, you will most likely notice them because of bad mouth odour and pain.

Failure to have regular check-ups will also likely lead to a gum disease. This can result from poor nutrition, lack of vitamin C and poor dental hygiene. You will detect gum disease because your gums become swollen and bleed easily when brushing.

Here in Australia, there are many reputable and reliable dentists whom you can visit like affordable dentists. All you need to do is consult the internet or ask your family and friends for the ones near you.