Commercial Deep Fryers

Most restaurants nowadays are fast-food chains, each restaurant possibly having thousands of other branches all over a country or even the world. Of course, being fast-food chains, they serve fast-cooked-meals. Most of that is rich in oil and is cooked through a deep fryer, a device use to soak food. This is also one way of lengthening the lifespan of food, even by just a little bit. You wouldn’t normally find this in someone’s home unless they’re either rich or just like deep fried snacks. Deep fryers are normally found at fast-food chains, making the cooking of fast food much quicker. They also increase the maximum amount of food or ingredient you can cook, and some have an oil filter, which separates the fried food or ingredient to make making the next preparations a lot easier.

There are two types of deep fryers based on what they consume, which are the electric deep fryer and the gas deep fryers. Electric type fryers use the electricity to make thermal energy and heat the oil, which means all you would need to do is to plug it into a socket. Gas type fryers use gas as a way to ignite something and heat the oil. There are many kinds of this, each having different quality and efficiency, but they’re all commercial deep fryers.



Commercial fryers are the type that are higher in quality than other kinds of fryers. They are made by big business companies and are mass produced if successful in sales. There is also a special kind of  fryer, the specialty deep fryer. These are used for those wacky recipes like a carnival or fair foods. Naturally, they look different from the other two types, which by the way is pretty much what they consume and how they’re switched on and off. Although they’re pretty much the same and serve the same purpose, they are used for different types of foods.

  • Gas deep fryers are for crunchy appetisers, crispy chicken parmesan, and tasty concession food and are usually used by foods trucks and stands.
  • Electric deep fryers are for efficient heating and fast recovery between healing cycles, and most of the functions are automatic just like the oil filtration system. Each type of fryer has different examples. Like the electric deep fryer which are: countertop, floor fryer,fryers with filtration system, and split pot.
  • The gas deep fryer has the same types as the electric fryer. The specialty fryer’s examples are: vent less countertop, pressure, funnel cake and doughnut, drop-in funnel cake and doughnut floor, outdoor steamers and outdoor fryer.

 But all of the three have fryer parts and accessories to keep your unit operating as efficiently.  The commercial deep fryers can be bought online and be delivered to you. Overall, they pretty much fast forward cooking while consuming less oil, since it replenishes.

Advantages of Using Fridges

Fridges or commonly called as refrigerators are one of the most important equipment that we need in our home today. It is a must that every homeowner should own or have a fridge because it is where we place the foods that we bought from the supermarket and not just that, but the fridges are used to keep our food from spoiling. Imagine our house without a refrigerator, the moment that you will buy a food you need to consume it immediately so that your money will not be wasted.


Some of the people uses salt and ice just to extend and preserve the foods that they purchased, that method or process is extremely hard to maintain and besides, owning a refrigerator can give you a lot of benefits or advantages rather than using natural preservatives.

Some foods needs a specific temperature or level of coldness, so with the use of the refrigerator, you can easily change and set the temperature. And because of this, you can keep your food’s condition or quality the same, it won’t be damaged or rot.

If you notice in a supermarket, they make sure that their set of vegetables and meats or fish are separated and that is because they are different in terms of temperature that they need, everytime you purchase meat or fish, you need to store them in an extremely cold storage which is why every refrigerators or fridges has their own set of freezer for your meat and fish. In addition to that, it is because of the fridge that we can make desert or smoothies that keeps us relax and comfortable.

During summer, it is usually where a lot of people would prefer drinking something that is cold, so with the use of the refrigerator you can easily make your beverages cold. There are different kinds of fridges, and some of this fridges are use in a business or job and some fridges are capable of producing ice cubes right away. If you notice in a cooking show, the kind of fridge that they use is the walk in fridge and they are considered to be one of the most expensive kind of fridge that there is. In addition to that, fridges can be in different colors, designs and structures. Order your fridge here.

The price of a refrigerator or a fridge is based on how big the fridge is and what special built ins does the fridge have. Remember that not all refrigerators has the same built ins, which means that if you are going to buy a refrigerator, make sure that you will prioritize its quality rather than its price. Although a refrigerator consumes a lot of energy and can greatly affect your electricity bill, but with the advantages that you can get from it will surely won’t regret you from purchasing it. Tip to save energy is that do not open your refrigerator for too long to avoid consuming or absorping a lot of your electricity energy.

Be A Boss Of Yourself And Run A Coffee Van Business

Coffee van business does not require high investment. For people who love to experiment with a casual business, which can bring reasonable income, a coffee van sale is a good option. You can do it as a full time or part time business. You will have the choice to decide whether to run the business during the peak hours or run the business from morning to evening. Considering the physical effort applying for the sales and income received from the sales, you can decide whether a part-time business will be more profitable than a full-time business.

Starting the business:

The first and foremost thing is buying a coffee van. You need to make a market survey to find out from where you can get a cheap coffee van with all the built in accessories. There are many fabricators in Australia offering readymade coffee vans, and it is only a matter of negotiation to fix a good deal. If you know what are the appliances required to run a coffee van business then things would be easy to start. Ready coffee vans equipped with optional accessories also a good option and you can decide on the accessories depending on your budget.


Selecting the brand

As you know, coffee vans are available in different sizes and prices, and you can select the size of the coffee van depending on your anticipated natures of business. You need have a clear idea of the accessories such as coffee grinders, dispensing machines, cabinets, refrigerators, ovens, lighting, generator, etc. The crucial part of the business set up is, what would be the brand of coffee you want to put on sales in your coffee van business. Maybe you need to identify the brand, depending on the area and type of customers whom you are targeting. However, it will not be a wise idea to keep only one brand; instead, it would be a smart idea to have multiple dispensing machines that can cater different type of coffee.

Design your coffee van:

Decorate your coffee van with excellent graphic designs as if looks like a brand, supported with a good logo. Alternatively, you will get an option to associate with reputed brands as a franchise. Franchising will reduce your marketing pressure since there will be goodwill for the brand, marketing will be easy.

Uniform makes the difference:

If you are planning to run a franchise coffee van venture, then naturally franchise will give you the necessary sales training and service kits. By wearing the franchise uniform, you can readily amalgamate into the franchise family and be part of the venture. On the other hand, if you are planning to run an independent venture than develop a matching uniform that can go well with the business.


Running a coffee van business on your own can give a lot of freedom. It will help you to derive a business strategy, and you do not have to report to anybody. Your conscious will be your master, and you can enjoy the business being part of its everyday growth and dream for further development.

Things To Remember Before Buying Commercial Catering Equipment

The idea of setting up a catering service business from home or from a small office is a pretty old and common one, but it remains ever new and innovative. A catering service has no limits of creativity. Food recipes can be changed and can also be newly produced. Hence, people who think setting up their own catering business must always be creative and innovative about it.

Before starting up the idea, you need to fetch a few pieces of advice from the experienced ones. Moreover, you need to learn about the whole business thoroughly. The Internet can help greatly in this regard. But before implementing the idea, you need to arrange and collect commercial catering equipment: the basic need of every food business.

Collecting commercial catering equipment is a task too complex and difficult. You need to learn about every brand and their prices as well. Surveying markets and web domains that provide such information are the only two wide sources available.

Firstly, you need to make a list regarding the amount of each and every catering equipment that you have to purchase. The list should include serving plates, spoons and glasses; pots, pans and fryers for cooking, boxes for giving away food as well as for storing; stoves, ovens, burners, and microwaves for the preparation process.

Secondly, you need to determine whether your business has to be a static one or a portable one. For a portable and moving business, cooking appliances and equipment that are easy to carry and move must be purchased.

Thirdly, you need to devise a plan for the budget. You cannot buy things that are way too expensive, nor can you go too savvy on them, so much so that it compromises the quality of the equipment. You must have proper knowledge regarding the price of every piece that comes along with the commercial catering equipment. Purchasing such things online is also a good option since all the stuff shall come at wholesale amounts and rates. Many times, online shopping for catering equipment turns out to be a rather beneficial one.

Contact professional help when you want to get commercial catering equipment, it is always a smart option. Such companies are well-trained and skilled enough to get you out of the doldrums of accomplishing this complex task. Moreover, the company personnel are well-acknowledged in terms of brands, prices, quality and review of all kinds of catering equipment.

The New Wega Coffee Machines

Since ages, coffee has been the prime focus of young generations even up today. It’s what driving people from their slumbers of deep sleep to being hyperactive to work for 14 hours straight. There are many variations of coffee ranging from Mocha to Espresso which has grown very popular.

It’s not common to find new high-tech coffee machines in every corner of the street or in every shop. One company, however, has taken the lead in the competition with its machines known as Wega Coffee Machines through the company Wega. Wega was founded by Mr Nello in 1985 for the sole purpose of commitment to the world’s favourite drink and not only to make it better but for the people to realise its true essence and heritage.wega-coffee-machine

Today Wega Coffee Machines are visible in almost every Australian office. This is because of its dynamic market penetration and new glorified machines that don’t only look good but serves great coffee every time. With over 12 different types of coffee machines to be sold in the market, Wega has no competitor that can match to its standards. The Wega greenline concept machine has features such as nocturnal standby mode, an innovative software that adopts on your workload, minimal wastage of energy, and multiple boiler technologies minimising your time in preparing coffee and providing stability in heat of the brewing boilers producing a perfect coffee in every process.

Wega Company has seized the opportunity to put its marketing campaign in full swings by introducing themselves all over social media such as Facebook and twitter. They thoroughly and comprehensively advertise their latest and upcoming Wega coffee machines onto these websites for their fan base to follow which makes it easier for people to be informed and thus capturing not only the older generation but also the youth that strives for a good coffee in Australia.

What makes Wega coffee machines worth buying is their full level commitment to protect the environment’s sustainability. Their factory area comprises a total land area of about 20,000 square meters and has automatic waste disposal mechanism that has been set to standards with the highest quality equipment the world has to offer. There would be no room for errors. The company’s commitment and care for what they do make their coffee worthwhile no matter the costing. Their greenline coffee machine depicts their vision which was embraced in 2009 and was internationally recognised by many companies. Today, Wega Coffee machines are manufactured by the world’s largest manufacturer of coffee machines.

Benefits Of Using Glasswashers

Glasswashers are essentially bench top or under bench machines designed to wash glasswares. The detergent, rinsing method and the whole setup are solely designed for utensils made of glass, hence washing other types of kitchen wares is not recommended. Glasswashers typically utilise treated water that is connected to the washer itself. The treated water contains minerals that enhance the soil-removing function of the dishwasher.

Typically, a glasswasher can handle 15 racks per hour and the wash cycle usually last for estimated two minutes. For very large operations, conveyor-type commercial glasswashers are used. Also, they are commonly used for commercial use. Manual washing for a busy setting would take time and may cause breakage, scratches, or dents due to the fact that glasses are brittle in nature. The built-in wire racks in these washers serve as a safety storage which prevents the mentioned scenario from happening. Larger types are even built with racks with dividers and frames. Hence, for bars, cafes, pubs, and restaurants, commercial glasswashers are definitely handy. Here are some of their major benefits.

Appropriate Washer

Unlike ordinary dishwashers that can damage glass wares because of the high temperature, strong detergent, damaging cleaning methods, and longer wash cycle, commercial glasswasher utilises milder detergents, shorter yet effective duration wash cycle, and an ideal temperature high enough to kill microorganisms but not enough to trigger breakage. Also, with a milder kind of detergent, the quality of glassware is preserved causing no streaky marks brought by stronger detergents. Of course, this will affect the aesthetics and appeal of the glass wares which may disappoint the customers. Moreover, the milder kind of detergent in addition to a good rinse aid works well enough to remove the milky and sticky stains.


Around 700 glass wares can be washed in an hour which saves the business a lot of time and makes the glass wares readily available for use. Certain customers can be really demanding and finicky hence serving them quickly and excellently is a key in keeping them. Preserving manpower by using commercial glasswashers can do a lot of favour and more important staff duties are given enough attention.

Additionally, manual washing of glasses can compromise the quality of the utensils. Service crews may do the washing in a rush or find it tiresome, compromising the quality of work.


Aside from saving the business from labour and breakage costs, glasswashers can help the business save energy, water, detergent, and other resources. They are also cheaper in the market compared to dishwashers. This gives commercial glasswashers an advantage as it can perform better than dishwashers in maintaining the quality of glass wares. Also, they do not contribute too much noise and stress in the work area. They are designed to operate in a quiet and gentle manner. Instead of buying more expensive dishwashers, purchasing a glasswasher is more advantageous especially if the business focuses on serving foods and drinks in glass wares.

Enhance Your Home With Frosted Glass Fixtures

For sure you will agree if I say that glass fixtures are just everywhere. In fact, if you think about it, they are almost as visible as concrete. Well, that might quite an exaggeration but it is almost true! Outside a big establishment, you can say that they are almost 1/3 of the building as some of the walls are already made of glass. However, when you will step inside, that’s when you say that they are almost as visible. The partitions are not made of concrete anymore but of glass and even the doors, the railings and so on. Yes, glass fixtures are taking the construction industry by storm indeed and for good reason at that! If you are the owner of a building, you will surely use glass fixtures as well. It is not as if they are not durable as there are types of glass now that can’t even be penetrated with bullets.

One variation of glass materials is the frosted glass. Let us examine the many benefits brought about by using frosted glass:

– They are undeniably elegant. If you are constructing a building to be used commercially, you surely need to ensure that everything in it is appealing. Shabby and poor looking fixtures should not be a part of the world where competition is tough. Frosted glass though can help you accomplish that especially that they now come with different designs to enhance the look of the already appealing glass material.


– Frosted glass materials actually look like your walls are kind of snowy thus they don’t only add aesthetics but at the same time, they all add privacy. In fact, you will see if you look around that they are not used for windows anymore but also in different functions which the owner or the designer might deem appropriate like as partitions, doors and many others.

– As mentioned, frosted glass now can be incorporated with different designs thus they are the favourite these days. You can even incorporate your own company name or logo so that it will appear that the glass it really for the said office. Indeed a frosted panel can be customized to make the place more aesthetically appealing. You can have your own design and you can also just go with the designs already done by the supplier.

– The reason why we have the window treatments is to generate privacy and to still let the lights in. The same thing can happen if you will use frosted glass. It means that instead of blades, you can just use frosted glass panels as your windows. They are more in trend and they will also automatically become decorations as well.

Yes, frosted glass panels are usable everywhere. You can use them even as table tops like over a timber table or a splashback and still many others. So, check out some slumped glass suppliers in Brisbane  now and start planning where you will want to use them to enhance the place.

Check Out Torba Restaurant & Lounge

As people aged, they seem to be pickier when it comes to their tastes especially with foods. If they are more tolerant to simple dishes before, that is not the case when you are already in your prime especially if you know that you can afford to eat the best foods out there. However, even if you are still a little bit younger, you can still enjoy dishes that are not that common. After all, you have been working hard so that you can enjoy life’s pleasures. Besides, even if you just dine out once a week, for sure it cannot hurt your budget that much. That is right, you also have the right to enjoy even if it just once in a while like during special occasion and so on. If you happen to live in Australia, you are indeed quite lucky as you can have a taste of Europe by dining in Torba Restaurant & Lounge.

Torba Restaurant & Lounge is indeed worth your time as this restaurant is not like your ordinary restaurant. This is something you should include in your bucket list because of its amazing provisions. The owner of this restaurant is sure to be creative as even if you are just in one place your entire life, it will be like you have been to a number of places if you will check out Torba Restaurant & Lounge. Just with their establishment alone, you will already feel like you are not in Australia after all as they made sure that their customers will feel like they are royalty especially that their menu is comprised of dishes that are fit for a king.


They have collected the best dishes all over the world and incorporate them in their menu. They have the confidence to do this because of the amazing credentials of their chef. Yes, this is another good thing with this restaurant, the management will not employ anyone unless he is the best just the same thing that all their products are done with excellence. As for the chef, he is the best from Estonia who is quite passionate with European cuisine thus if you want to have a taste of Europe, you should check out and have a time of your life in Torba Restaurant & Lounge.

The management of this restaurant is well informed about the hectic schedules of most people these days. They know that employees and businessmen can hardly get off from their desks and even forget that they have not yet eaten. This is not a good thing for one who has so many responsibilities to handle as in time, you will really feel the toll. This is why, they are willing to deliver the food in your working places. They have amazing packages to offer and you can check for them in their official website.

Yes, the Southbank restaurants Brisbane, is the answer to your food longings. And to think that you can have their delectable provisions in your own working place delivered first class!

Glass washer is a must have for every hospitality business.

Invest On Commercial Coffee Machines

A lot of people love coffee and can’t go on with their day without drinking one. Coffee can suppress the drowsiness that we feel boosting us to keep up with our day’s work demand. But if you are one of the people that take coffee drinking seriously, investing on a coffee machine would be surprisingly beneficial and eventually save you money in the long run.

1. You can have coffee anytime you want.

Having a commercial coffee machine inside your office or in your house is very much convenient. Imagine yourself not having to wait in line and not having to pay an overpriced coffee from your local coffee shop. Investing on a Wega coffee machine is surely one thing that coffee lovers should consider.

2. You can save some money in being able to make your own coffee and not having to buy it from the expensive coffee shops.

If you are one of the coffee drinkers from cafes that pay for the coffee per se and not with the ambience and the place, then start considering buying yourself your own coffee machine. Stop paying for their name and branding and start making your own coffee at the convenience of your own home. There are coffee shops that sell their own coffee bean. This you might consider. Secure coffee beans from your trusted coffee shop and have yourself your own version of your favourite coffee. This way, you will not have to pay a lot to get the coffee that you want.

3. You can always start your own business if you already had the right tool.

Given that you already had a commercial coffee machine for your personal needs, why not taking it to the next level. You are already equipped with the vital tool that a coffee shop must have then you can always start up a business whenever you want. This somewhat brings profit and gain to you. It might be a bit risky but it would not be that hard since you will have to eliminate the “buying the appropriate tool” step in the preparation.


Only Purchase High Quality Deep Fryers In The Market

When you are planning to start a restaurant business, you have to acquaint yourself to different kitchen equipment or machines that you will use for you to be able to get your business going. You have to always read and focus on each of the equipment specifications to know which ones will provide an excellent return on investments and will not be a liability.

There is no doubt that you would not want to purchase household equipment that is not of high quality. Because low-quality products will surely not last long and would be a waste of money. This is the main reason why you should check the specification and quality of every equipment you purchase.

Look for the list of equipment that has high quality and is recommended in the market. The high-quality product does not only do you good in terms of service but boost your return on investment. Prices may be an issue initially but with the product output, convenience, and good quality service, high-quality equipment is well worth the higher initial cost.

One of the equipment that most household owners would probably purchase is a deep fryer. It is ideal and useful in the kitchen because of its capabilities of frying your foods perfectly; though there are only few who have them at their home. Deep fryers are mostly seen in restaurants or any food station in the market where serving customers fast and building customer trust is on top of the priority. Those commercial businesses have to keep up with the demands of their consumers. Customer satisfaction means being able to be served with good food and fast service.

The trend for most commercial or restaurant owners when planning to purchase deep fryers, they purchase those that are highly recommended and has been tested and proven to be of best quality. No one could attest the quality and longevity of the product but those that has used and been working with the product itself.

Having a  deep fryer commercial for your business is an essential and would be of great help but purchase the one with high quality and high standard to maximise the benefit the equipment can provide.