What is a Spit Roast?

Spit roast is an excellent cooking method wherein the piece of meat is skewered through a long rod. The piece of food is then cooked over a low heat. Ideally, coals or fire is used for a smoky, unique aroma. However, it’s common practice to use ovens today. The rod is rotated slowly as it evenly cooks the meat. This method is also called rotisserie.

Benefits of Rotisserie Cooking

Spit roast cooking yields tender, moist and flavourful pieces of meat. This is because it’s cooked on a very low fire, allowing tough pieces of meat to tenderise. On the other hand, delicate meats like fish retain its texture without too much room for overcooking. As the rod rotates over the heat source, the food is continually basted in its own juices. Using coals adds a smoky taste to food.

What are the types of rotisserie cooking? There are two basic types, namely:

  1. Horizontal

We commonly see this type. The rods are mounted, as the name suggests, horizontally, with the heat source coming from the bottom. Ovens are used in industrial scale rotisserie, similar to what we commonly see in supermarkets.

For this to work, the meat needs to be balanced perfectly. Even distribution of weight along the rod is important, as this allows it to turn. If it doesn’t, it could lead to uneven cooking.

  1. Vertical

Vertical rotisserie is often seen in Middle-Eastern and European cooking. The heat source comes from the side, which cooks the meat one section at a time. Gyros, Doner kebabs, shawarmas and tacos are all cooked using this style. Weight balance is less important, as the rotation does not need to be even.

Spit roast cooking is a great way to spice up weekend barbecues. They provide a great centrepiece for your party. A simple rotisserie setup will yield tender, juicy and delicious meats your guests will enjoy. However, it can be complicated to assemble one at home. Thankfully, there are many rotisserie caters who can provide you with one.

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Hire Us On Your Upcoming Party!

So, you’re planning a party for your friends and family. You’ve prepared the place, the list of guests, and even the theme. But there’s one vital thing you still don’t know what to do. The food. If you’re still thinking what unique dish to serve to your visitors, worry no more because we’ve got you covered. Yum Paella is here to serve you paella dishes that people will surely enjoy.


One of the critical components we make sure to have is providing quality foods for our clients. We know how food makes us happy, so we make it a point to look for the best materials to use. Aside from making our paella visually appealing, you won’t be disappointed to its taste because we only acquire the freshest meat, vegetables, and seafood in Melbourne. We also make sure we use good quality rice to achieve the thickness and consistency authentic paella has.


When you are in a party, the last thing you want to experience is to eat food that you don’t enjoy. The taste, smell and aroma must be present in a dish for us to be happy. At Yum Paella, we live by our mission as we always provide flavourful food to our customers. Aside from feeding their stomach, we also want to feed their soul by making them pleasurably satisfied to what we offer.


For those who are looking for a catering company that can serve delicious food for an affordable price, look no further because we can help you. Depending on the menu that works with your budget, we can customise our recipe without comprising the quality. We can serve a minimum of 25 people making it affordable for you.

Whether you are planning event months away or you need a last-minute catering company for your party, we are happy to comply with that. If you want to experience a tasteful paella dishes, then you are on the right page because that’s the mission we valued for years. Melbourne Paella also offers salad dishes like the classic Garden Salad, Spanish Salad, Crisp Cos and other healthy dishes that’s perfect for celebration or banquet. To more about our service, don’t hesitate to ring us a call as we are happy to help you.

Superfoods For All

Superfoods are just that, super. They are the perfect food option for busy families with little time to create healthy meals, people who are picky eaters, people who simply enjoy healthy eating and of course those who are exercise fanatics or simply want to stay young for longer.

Superfoods can be expensive if you purchase without knowing what you are buying or if you purchase from brick and mortar stores. These stores have overheads to cover and this pushes their prices through the roof. You must also remember that superfoods are specialized and any store will warrant that a good enough reason to increase the profits.

If you decide to buy superfoods online, you will definitely be pleasantly surprised at the number of online stores available to you.


Many of these online stores offer great advice on eating habits and the best foods to eat for certain conditions, service you hardly ever get at any brick and mortar store. These online stores offer recipes that you can use to incorporate your superfoods into meals that are delicious.

Online stores make it so easy to buy superfoods online. They usually have their foods categorized so you know exactly what you are buying, how it will be eaten and what it will do to benefit you.

If you are still uncertain about whether to buy superfoods online, many of these stores have helplines and chats where you can have any of your questions or reservations answered by a trained professional who is very informed on the products and their benefits and they will gladly assist you in any way they can.

Blogs are often incorporated into these online store websites as well. These blogs offer a wide variety of informative articles on superfoods, uses and benefits and perhaps a few true to life stories will be revealed. If you are uncertain about whether you wish to buy superfoods online, take a look at some of the blogs and see for yourself what others are saying so you can make an informed choice.

Many of these stores have promotional offers, bulk deals and even free shipping on orders over a certain amount and in some cases over a certain weight. It is definitely an option worth looking into if you find your local health shop has prices that are just too astronomical for you to reap the benefits from superfoods or if you find that they are unable to assist you with products and benefits.

How Technology Can Enhance a Restaurant Experience

It is typical to hear about the need for turning off your mobile devices during dinnertime to allow diners to enjoy the companions. But the modern world today changed that reception . As you can see, people in the resturant use mobile phones. Yes, cell phones are indeed a useful advice, therefore, the advantages of using the technology before dining must be kept in mind.

Find Nearby Locations

If you have a lot of options or just a few of them, it will be convenient for your decision-making process to browse the web for establishments. Try narrowing down your selection process by looking for eateries that suit your preferences like the style, theme, and budget, style. If you are on vacation and want to eat out, browsing by location is helpful. See restaurant Brisbane.

Reading Reviews

Costumer reviews are the best resource for anyone who want to explore the places to eat. A search on the Internet provides you with details towards the potential places to dine out. With the right information, you can now skip the establishments that have questionable food or service.

Making a Reservation

Aside from placing your name on a table upon walking in the door, try to make a reservation beforehand through a mobile device. Aside from calling, you can secure a reservation through certain websites. This can be convenient for anyone who does not want to wait.

Read the Menu Online 

Aside from hoping or guessing that you will like the restaurant, try to search the menu beforehand. Check daily specials and pricing also. If you are following dietary needs, you should check the menus to help you choose food suits your needs.

Search for Considerable Discounts 

Saving money is never a horrible thing. Try searching on the Internet for a coupon or special codes that you can utilize to enjoy a huge discount on your tab.

Preorder Before Arriving

Save time by ordering ahead. After you read the menu, try checking the website to determine if ordering beforehand is the best option for you. If yes, enter your menu selections online. You may schedule the food that you have already made. Keep in mind that most restaurants that allow customers to reserve ahead will ask for the payments also.

Sharing Experience

After dining, sharing your personal experience with other customers is very meaningful. Use a the social media page of the restaurant to tell the world about your experience.

Technology is a good device. Therefore, use it wisely. Technology allows you to improve and streamline a dining experience to make it convenient, economical, and enjoyable.

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