Importance of Floor Stripping

Floors may seem hard to clean. In fact, many people shy away from cleaning these that these with years of use, these tend to look and feel old, leaving a very visible trail of dirt and grime in its wake. Not only does this make the material and your very foundation weak, it also makes your floors a nightmare to step on or to even look at. Restoring your floors may require special attention. With Totally Stripped’s floor stripping service, you can be assured that its once pristine condition can be restored.

Totally Stripped is a licenced and insured company that specialises in floor stripping, wall tiling, timber floor removing, shop defits and office demolitions. With 30 years of experience under our belt, we are more than capable of addressing your flooring needs in Brisbane, Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Lismore, Sunshine Coast, Sydney and Toowoomba. As professional tradesmen equipped with state-of-the-art technology, we can complete almost any task within a short amount of time. If you are looking to have your floors stripped, here are the best benefits you can surely reap:

Perpetually Clean

Dirt and grime usually find their way to your floors, especially vinyl ones. They tend to stick and stay there, making it look filthy. One can even cringe at the mere sight of it. Stripping your floors can ensure you a perpetually clean slate. Totally Stripped is equipped with the best tools that can truly get dirt of your floor.

Reduce Moisture

Moisture helps mould thrive. We wouldn’t want that to happen, right? Especially when our feet can come in contact with the floor. That would be disgusting, more so when these floors can be a breeding ground for moulds and other bacteria. When your flooring starts to show warping, bubbling and even unravelling, it is time to call floor stripping Central Coast. With our team of experts, we can take away rot and mould that have long been lurking underneath.

Prevent Scratches

Due to age and years of use, scratches can find their way to your floors, especially when the protective wax coating becomes worn down. With the help of floor strippers in Central Coast and regular upkeep, your flooring can be strengthened and can last longer.

Avoid Lifted Tiles

With the many elements that come into contact with your flooring, tiles can experience wear and tear over time. Particularly, water can make the adhesive come off, making your tiles prone to lifting. A soft, spongey texture, as well as cracks and bubbles, may also appear on the surface as a sign of lifting tiles.

If you want to give your flooring the care and attention it deserves, contact Totally Stripped today. With our floor stripping service in Central Coast, you are sure to get the best services at premium price points. To know more about our offerings, feel free to visit our website. We offer competitive packages that will give you the quality you deserve.

With our team of experts, your flooring needs are in good hands.

Turn Your Dream Swimming Pool Into Reality

When building a house, the first consideration to analyse is the budget. If you have limited resources, then you need to resort to materials and services that are cost-effective. This means quality is not sacrificed even though you paid little amount.

Swimming pools aren’t a priority for an average household. Most consider this as a luxury as installation and maintenance are no joke. But what if I tell you that there’s a provider who doesn’t cost much on fibreglass swimming pools? My Fibreglass Pool Easy is the company to call as they specialise in this type of service. They can help you decide for the following:

Estimating budget

The amount of money involved in this project may not come out cheap but it will surely be worth it once it’s done. In case you’re on a tight budget, you can talk to professionals about it and try to compromise based on the said amount. Consider the size or depth of the pool.


All of us probably think swimming pools are all rectangular or oval shape. But the truth is, there are multiple designs you can choose from. You can add a jacuzzi on top of a regular pool or install a water fountain on the side of it. You can work together and come up with a design that is perfect for your home.


The goal of professional fibreglass pools installer is to give you comfort and ease of mind when you work with them. With this, you can be assured that materials are heavy duty and high grade. The gel coating of the fibreglass pools helps prevent the formation of algae and dirt that make the water foggy. When the water isn’t clean, you tend to clean the pool and refill it with a fresh one. Isn’t that a waste of money?

Wait no more and contact their numbers today. They can turn your dream pool into a reality. Visit their website to learn more.

Steps To Clean Stone Tiles

Stacked stone tiles installation give a classy lasting charm to any home. Using this method, you can bring a dull flat wall into a visually appealing 3D structure. Stone tiles can also bring a comfortable atmosphere to any home. Aside from its aesthetic appeal to the walls, it is also durable and easy to maintain.

What’s more, stacked stone tiles are also versatile that it can be installed in any part of your house. Besides the usual spots in your home such as living rooms and bedrooms, many posh mansions also install them in bathrooms.

Yet despite being a low-maintenance type, it has one potential health issue: it is a favourite breeding ground for mould and mildew especially when in moist places such as bathrooms, gardens and garages. These microbes emit irritating smell and can lead to health dangers. What’s more, the hollow spaces and crevices between stone tiles can be a storehouse of dirt and other air contaminants that can trigger asthma and other allergies.

Cleaning process
You need effort in cleaning stacked stone tiles. For best cleaning results, you need to wipe parts of stacked stone tiles using micro fibre towel daily to prevent the growth and spread of mould and mildew. For dry areas, removing dust particles and debris using feather duster is enough.

On a weekly basis, clean the stone tiles using a solution of one part stone tile cleaner (available in tile shops) and one part water. Using a sponge, wipe it all over the tiles. To remove stubborn dirt deposits, you can also use brushes to reach the hidden areas. After this, you can rinse it with water.

You need more intensive cleaning if you’ve already seen a build-up of moulds and mildew. Spray the affected area with mould remover, allow the solution to seep for an hour and rinse it with clean water.

To remove soap scums on the stone tiles in your bathroom, you need to mix 0.5 cup ammonia to a gallon of water. Apply the solution using a sponge on the affected area and rinse it with water or wipe it using a rug.

Why You Need Core Drilling For Your Home

Have you seen big holes on your wall? These could be an eyesore for some but important for electricians and builders. These holes are made from core drilling, an important process in any construction projects. Boring holes in walls allows you to do many things with any buildings and structures. This activity can make the job of home builders easier and more efficient. Concrete drilling is used for many purposes such as:

Electrical and water Installation – Modern houses will never function smoothly without electrical wiring and plumbing. These highways of electricity, internet and water enable us to use our appliances, faucets and other installations in our modern houses. While builders can bore holes by traditional methods, drilling concrete can create perfect circular holes where tubes fit snugly. Perfectly drilled holes not only organises your wiring (which can be very messy for professionals and may even cause fires), it can also make it pleasing to your eyes.

Concrete removal – There are some sections of your concrete walls that needs to be destroyed. Concrete drilling is an ideal procedure to break them down. Professionals use a powerful machine to remove the unnecessary parts on your wall. In just a few steps the concrete is removed in no time.

Neat design – Holes with jagged edges on your wall are often eyesores. Core drilling can give you attractive holes that can suit any home and structural design. Aside from giving the wiring and plumbing a neat, tangle-free arrangement, some interior designers even use them as an integral part of their design.

For you to get beautiful holes on the walls, you need experts in carrying out your core drilling requirements. Choose experienced professionals who are specialists in handling the machinery used in this process. CuttingIn has a group of experts who can give you perfect bored holes for your walls. The company uses the most sophisticated technology for your concrete cutting, sawing, and drilling needs. Aside from drilling, the company also provide and has a wide range of concrete cutting services such as concrete floor sawing, hand sawing, ring sawing, concrete cutting, decorative patterning and even demolition. It also offers a complete line of sealing services like concrete curing, joint sealing and waterproofing.

For years, CuttingIn has been serving large- and small-scale commercial, industrial and residential proprietors. They have the right tool and highly trained individual to perform the task so you are assured you get your money’s worth.

Pool Paving for the Ideal Outdoor Space

When looking for a new landscape solution, pool paving Perth services will definitely meet your expectations. We give 100% effort in each project and we make sure that we deliver according to each client’s needs and tastes.

Affordable Solutions

Pool paving does not have to be a costly experience. You can have your dream swimming pool at an affordable price. Get in touch with us to know more about our rates and payment schemes.

Previous Projects

Our past projects speak for themselves. We know that careful attention to detail and a high working standard are key in making sure we consistently deliver high-quality results.

Nothing pleases us more than helping our clients achieve their ideal outdoor space. Professional pool paving is a great step in getting you to achieve your dream outdoor space.

Past Feedback

We appreciate whenever we hear clients’ testimonials about our service. Their positive feedback drives us to excel more in the landscape industry. If you’re one of our clients who has been recently satisfied with our service, feel free to share to others your experience with us.

Be Warned About These Roofing Frauds

Just looking at it, it is quite obvious that the roof is one of the most if not, really the most important part of any building, whether that is residential or commercial. It protects everything that is under it, thus if you want to ensure that your property will always be standing, make sure to maintain the roofing as it should be. Since it is in a position where you cannot check on it often, it is best to hire the experts from roof restoration Gold Coast to do it. A professional roofing contractor will right away know where to check as they know what part of the roofing will be easily get damaged.


When choosing a roofing contractor though, you have to be careful as there are now a number of roofing frauds. Learn about them below:

1. Down payment disappearing

• Have you heard about this? For sure you do like maybe from your friends or relatives. This happens when a roofing contractor will demand for a kind of down payment claiming they need it to buy the materials. But once the money is handed, they will be nowhere to be seen. Most of the time, they will target those who have complete equity of their property as they will just sign over or maybe, just cash an insurance check. Thus you should be wary for this and think twice before giving a down payment.

2. The strange door-to-door roofing agent

• This is also another type of roofing fraud that happens to a number of people. Most of the time, this will happen after storm or some kind of calamity. Just like a pro salesman, people like these are trained to sell and they will really do it expertly like you will most likely believe them. What they will do is they will tell you they provide free roofing inspection and even if there is no damage found, they will fabricate one. It could be that they are already prepared with pictures of defective roofing and that is what they will present to you so that you will buy their products. You should be wary about this as this can affect your future insurance claims.

3. Storm chasers

• For sure you already heard about them as they are quite publicized though there are still a number of homeowners that will fall for them. What they will do is they will blanket those areas that are reported to have strong winds so that after the storm, they will start doing their scams. Thus if you want to avoid them, just don’t deal with unknown people.

4. The fluctuating bid

• This is another common fraud and this happens when a roofing contractor will offer a really cheap roof replacement. Of course there is a good chance for an innocent homeowner to fall for this knowing how expensive roofing repairs are. However, once the work will start, problems will be presented by them and at the end of the day, the homeowner paid up a lot more money than the initial agreement.

The Advantages and Benefits of Acquiring Renovations Services

The look of our house, sometimes define our status in life. If you have a beautiful and big house, your classified as a rich person, if you house is not that big but still beautiful, you are probably in the middle class, and if it’s small then, they would classify you as poor. The look of our house is really important. So if your house getting old, losing its color, and having many cracks already, then you might want to acquire renovation services. Acquiring renovation services for you place can give you so many benefits and advantages. You could acquire bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, and whatever part of your house that you want to renovate, you will surely gain a lot of benefits and advantages.

Here are the benefits and advantages that you can gain from acquiring the services of Toowoomba renovations:

home renovation

• It can bring back the beauty of your home. The cracks in your house will be fixed. The damages in your bathroom and kitchen will be fixed as well. They will bring back the color of your house. It’s like, they will be eliminating every ugliness that is going on in your house. You do not have to worry about the holes in your roof, the cracks on your walls or floors, or your walls losing its color. After their service, it would look like you will have a newly bought house. It would look really refreshing and vibrant, that you want to spend your entire life in there.

• It increases your confidence. We get visitors anytime of the day. Sometimes, it becomes a problem, because you are not ready, your house is not ready. You get ashamed of your house, because its messy and just full of damages. So if your house is in this kind of state, then you really need to acquire the service of a home renovator. It will bring back the beauty of your house, and will definitely increase your confidence. You do not have to be ashamed of it every time, visitors are around. You do not have to be stressed out every time, there is a visitor.

• It saves you money in the long run. You might think that acquiring renovation services a waste of money, but it’s not. It makes your building last longer. It is one way of maintaining you building. So, there would be a lesser chance of encountering a building break down, which would cost you a bigger amount of money. The money that you would have to spend it like you was basically building a new home. This is why, you should acquire renovation services so that your building would last longer, and prevent yourself from encountering situation, and avoid yourself from spending that much money.

So those are some of the advantages and benefits that you will be getting from acquiring renovations services. It can bring back the beauty of your home, it can increase your confidence whenever you have visitors, it can also save your money in the long run.

Rock Walls For Aesthetics

A rock wall is often built simply for aesthetics. There is not necessarily any functional reason for them besides making your garden looking pretty. Sometimes they are used to highlight a focal point in the garden or even as a surrounding wall for a pond. These walls are fairly easy to build and quite easily done as a DIY project. A rock wall is usually a small wall and no specific permits or plans are required.

These little rock wall can last as long as 100 years as long as they are properly reinforced. The base of these walls should always be built from concrete and wire as this offers strength and reinforcing. Reinforcing can be in the form of chicken mesh, expanded metal or even barbed wire. Ensure that sufficient drainage pipes are inserted near the base of the wall. The pipes can be in the form of rubber, plastic of steel pipes. Be sure to leave at least four inches behind your first rock so that you can fill it with wire reinforcing or you could even clean out a ditch at the bottom of the slope. Fill the ditch with mortar and the wire and then roll your first row of rocks into place. The cement and wire is a perfect, solid base for your small rock wall. If you don’t put this base or footing in, the rock wall may move over time.

Your small rock wall offers the perfect little seating stool in the garden and a lovely place to sit and enjoy the sunlight and the birds. Your rock wall could surround a pond in your garden that houses fish or even ducks and you could incorporate a makeshift waterfall using a water fountain and pump.

If you love flowers and plants, use your rock wall as a focal point for your prized orchids or those roses you have been tending to for years.

These small rock walls are definitely not built out of functional necessity and they have no particular task in holding back sand from your home but are simply little features you can add to your garden to make it pleasing to the eye or created as a focal characteristic in your garden. They are merely aesthetic and you can dress them up in any way you see fit.

Have some fun and use up those stones lying in your back yard and create something magical and beautiful.

A Demolition Specialist

Demolition is something that is most often a necessity when an old building has become a hazard to the community and area around it or if there are plans for future buildings on the land on which the old one stands. It is not an easy job and careful consideration has to be given to the safety of the building around the one to be demolished as well as to the safety of the workers on the demolition team.

This is a job that requires a qualified demolition specialist in order to ensure the work is carried out safely, efficiently, effectively and in line with the laws governing the state. There are certain factors to take into consideration when selecting a demolition specialist for your project.


A qualified and reputable demolition specialist in Brisbane should have access to the most up to date and technologically advanced demolition equipment and tools available on the market. The equipment should be easily used in domestic situations or commercial situations. The staff should be well trained and skilled enough to use the machinery with competency.

Most demolition projects create hazardous waste which cannot just be disposed of like any normal trash as it is harmful to humans and the environment. A reputable professional will have an extensive knowledge of how to dispose of these material is a safe and effective manner. They will have the necessary knowledge of processes, machinery and laws which regulate these hazardous material such as asbestos.

Any demolition will create mounds of debris big and small. A qualified and reputable demolition expert will safely reduce the building to rubble but will also remove that rubble from the work site.

You need to be assured that your demolition specialist has a clear cut strategy for the demolition as well as preventative safety measures in place.

The contractor must be licensed by the correct authorities as a professional demolition specialist and they must be in possession of the required insurance coverage to guard against loss, damage and injury.

The quotation provided to you should be detailed and include everything from site survey, demolition to waste removal. The quotation should highlight the time frame for job completion as well as the completion duration for each process.

Demolition is not an easy job and can be unsafe if not done with careful planning, consideration and the use of the correct tools and machinery. Skill and training are imperative when selecting the demolition specialist for your project.

The Best Gate Design For Your Property

Gates are a wonderful way to add value, beauty and safety to your home or office. Gates can be functional and aesthetically pleasing on the eye at the same time. There are a number of uses for gates on your property. Gates can be used as a barrier to protect household entrance doors, to close off your property from the outside traffic or passersby or simply to keep pets or children from roaming into areas where they are not meant to be.

Gates can also be manufactured from various different materials according to your requirements and whether or not you want the gate to add aesthetic value to your property or not. Gates can have a simple design or carry ornate and decorative features according to your tastes and requirements.

Wooden gates do not offer a huge amount in the region of security but they do however keep people from simply walking in and out as they please and they do serve the purpose of keeping pets and small children within an area. Wooden gates give a rustic feel to the gated area and give that warm, cozy, cottage feel. Wooden gates should be treated in order to be protected from harsh weather and the elements as well as from wood eating pests.

Mild steel treated gates are a lot sturdier than gates made of wood and offer more on the security side. Steel frameworks are a lot harder to break than wooden frames. Mild steel should be treated against the elements and against corrosion should the area you live in be prone to corrosive characteristics. Tubular sizes are not standard for gates and your gate can be manufactured according to your specifications and sizes as well as design.

Stainless steel is another option. This option is a bit heavier on the purse strings but is an option that is long lasting and durable. If the correct processes are followed when welding together a stainless steel frame, the gate can last a lifetime. Stainless steel is not prone to corrosion due to exposure to the elements and is the perfect option for areas where corrosion is rife. The shiny finish gives that grand appeal. Stainless steel gates are usually quite decorative and ornate, with the price tag attached; you may as well make the gate really worth your while.

Locking mechanism on gates is also an important feature as are the hinges. Hinges must move freely and with ease and the locking mechanisms should suit the application. Be sure of what the function of your gate is when you decide on a locking mechanism.

They are wonderful additions to any home or building if care is taken to select the right material and design for the application. Have fun and be a little creative when adding this feature to your home. Although functional, it really does not have to be an eyesore.

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