Campervan Checklist

Are you tired of just using a tent but do not afford to pay for a hotel? Get a campervan. It is a convenient way to travel cheap and almost anywhere you want. In this article, we will show you what to do if you want to buy a campervan.

Check the Prices

The campervan is a real institution. Even with import taxes, you can pay less for a trailer that you buy somewhere else. If you find it too far, look in Europe or Australia. You have more options that you can think of.

Mind the Fuel

LPG is cheaper than gasoline or diesel. It is worth to transform a large vehicle, such as motorhome that eats more fuel, into the LPG consumer. You then see a substantial difference in the price of fuel consumed.

Check the Weight

Some large caravans are mounted on the chassis with the weight limit and that’s before adding a family of more than four people to load the truck inside and fill with water. Vehicles loaded become very unstable, so beware of this.

Consider the Weight Limit

If you want to buy a trailer to attach to your car, be careful. The maximum weight of the trailer should not exceed the maximum authorised towing weight of your vehicle. You can buy a motor home instead. It costs slightly more, but it is easier to drive. Take that possibility into account.

Watch the Car Body

Pay attention to rising! Cracks in the car body, however small they may be, will become problems during rainy days. Refuse immediately if you feel musty in the trailer. There are details that you should have in mind at all caravans, especially the British brands.

Don’t Mind the Age of the Trailer

Since many of the campervans are used seasonally, this criterion is not so important. You can get one for 20 years, which runs flawlessly. However, do not buy a caravan older 1990.

Check the Endowments

Check carefully the water pumps, which bring the water to the kitchen and bathroom sinks. Central heating must quickly create the desired temperature, so close the trailer, order different temperatures inside and check with the thermometer display.

The fridge would be great if it were on current and gas. When running on electricity, the refrigerator should ideally be connected both to 12V or 220V.

For top-quality campervans, check campervans for sale now! Just make sure that you go over our checklist before making your purchase and you’re good to go.