Qualities Boardroom Office Chairs Should Have

Company directors and its c-suite use boardroom office chairs during board meetings. Important stakeholders usually make crucial decisions in conference rooms. So, they should be comfortable enough to be in the right state of mind during this process.

Scientists have found out that our mental processes, including decision-making, are influenced by the condition of our body, no matter what profession or economic status we are in.

Hence, the better the posture of our body, the better we decide on things. You then need to ensure that you are using the most ergonomic seats possible in your boardroom to make sure your directors are making the best and most rational decisions for your company.

Here are some factors to make sure your boardroom office chairs are ergonomic:

Adjustable height – Not all directors have the same height. As such, their seats should have pneumatically adjustable levers. Ideally, the user can have his/her feet flat on the floor while seating.

Enough width and depth – Most manufacturers follow the 43-51 cm standard in seat width. As for the depth, it should be enough for the user to sit on his/her back against the backrest of the chair while leaving around 5-10 cm between the back of the knees and the chair’s seat.

Support for lower back – Without ample support for lumbar spine can lead to slouching and can strain the lower back. If not corrected, these problems may cause injuries.

Proper backrest – The backrest must support the natural curve of the spine, with emphasis on enough support of the lower back. If possible, buy boardroom office chairs whose backrests can be adjusted forward and backwards.

Use comfortable padding – Buy seats that provide comfort so that their users can sit for long periods. Also, purchase ones with cloth fabric.

Adjustable armrests – Their armrests should allow their users’ arms to rest with comfort and shoulders to be relaxed.

The present and future health of any corporation highly depend on its board of directors. As such, you need to provide them with the best boardroom office chairs in Melbourne to make the best decisions.