Mobile and Responsive

Web Design is no longer applicable only to websites that can be viewed on your personal computer or laptop. There are a number of devices which allow you to view websites while on the move and these include tablets and smartphones. The web design used for computer and mobile devices is profoundly different.

Web design used for mobile devices is quite restrictive. You are often unable to view full websites using these devices. It allows a limited version to load onto your smartphone or tablet. The websites on offer here really just reveal the basic necessities that the visitors are required to see. Unfortunately using this method to view websites will hinder the visitors ability to view how amazing your website is and to take full advantage of what is on offer.


Responsive design is web design that is generally used for computers and how websites will be viewed using a computer. It is however used in some mobile device applications as well. This form of Gold Coast web design is flexible and allows the site to adjust according to the screen size being used. The visitor will be able to experience the website in the same way whether they are using a high definition monitor or a large smartphone screen. Websites using responsive design will simply adjust and adapt according to the environment but will maintain the clear images, ease of navigation and the typefaces.

Web design is a complex and diverse field of work. It requires an attention to detail that is uncanny and the designer needs to have an awareness of the current trends of the day. These change regularly and the designer needs to keep abreast of developments in order to be able to create the best website possible for you.

Many hours of work go into web design and into optimizing these sites for search engines. It takes time to ensure that your website and the content are easily obtainable across any browser and using any platform. Speeding up your websites loading time is something that is paid close attention to as it improves the performance of the site and makes the user experience that much better.

Web designers often use specialty tools and software in order to create the best user experience possible while promoting your business to anyone who visits the site. Websites can be viewed on many platforms and each platform needs to display a website that is amazing and user friendly as the one before it.