What Makes a Great Business Sign

There are hundreds of millions of businesses in the world today, and over two million in Australia alone as of June 2015. It’s not a small competition trying to grab the attention of consumers to take a second glance let alone glance at your business. But it helps to make a lasting first impression on the customers that you are specifically targeting.

What a great way to attract the right clients than to get the attention of everyone; and what makes that happen? A great business signs.

business signage designs

Signage in business don’t just represent your company, it speaks mainly of what kind of company you have. It serves as a window to your company, the first glance potential customers get. Through that, they can either be enticed or dissuaded.

A major trend in most businesses nowadays when it comes designing and making their signs is to get a professional to do the job. But it helps if you, the business owner, know a thing or two about the mechanics of designing your own business signs.

Designing Do’s

1. Eye-catching. It’s all about getting your customers’ attention. Play with bold colours, readable fonts and other designs such as LED lights. Stay simple and artsy while still looking professional.

2. Unforgettable. Make the sign uniquely your own, something that will make a lasting impact.

3. Readable. This includes the font style, size of your signage and the content. Business signs should be readable from a distance. Keep the customers informed as well. But don’t squeeze in too much detail that can compromise the spacing of your sign. People wouldn’t want to read too crowded or full signs.

4. Informative. This mainly is about the content of your signage. Provide information that would basically sum up your business so that customers can have an idea of what kind of business you have. But adding too much information is a no-no since reading too many details on the sign can be boring and uninteresting for the reader.

Designing Don’ts

1. Too much blinking lights. Aside from being too annoying for some customers, these signs can actually trigger attacks for patients with epilepsy or severe headaches for patients with migraine.

2. Too many details. Customers may have a hard time focusing on what is important with a lot of details getting in the way. This would also make your sign forgettable and uninteresting.

3. Unreadable. Too small font size can make the sign unreadable.

4. Discrimination. Don’t use signs that would elicit negative emotions or memories from people. Too racist or judgmental signs show that you do not have a regard for everyone so this will tend to not just drive away potential clients but everyone, in general.

These are just simple guides to inform and guide you in making business signs. Be creative and inventive with your own ideas but do not be afraid to hire a professional business signage maker in Melbourne especially when you want to have the job done by experts.