Common Logo Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Almost all of businesses use a logo to be recognised. However, not all of them get it right. Though there are no rules to follow, it is still important to avoid these pitfalls.

Poor Font Choice

Font is a crucial aspect of logo design. If the icon is creative and unique but it has a mismatch font, then it’s a disaster. Always consider the style, background colour and the stroke. The fonts should always be classy and easy to understand.

Copying Successful Brands

Your logo represents your own business. If you copy other companies’ designs and just put your brand name, then it wouldn’t be a representation of your company. Make your own because your potential customer will just think about the other brand instead of you. Moreover, the company who own the design may sue you.

Low-Quality Images

Logos are often used in company’s websites or business cards so make sure that your images are not rasterised and blurred. Use adobe or high-quality software for editing.

Too Complex Design

Simple use of colour, text and shapes often comes appealing to the audience than an icon with too many designs. When making a logo design Melbourne, you need to remember that customers will look on your brand for just a few seconds. So, it is important to capture their interest without hurting their eyes.

Overdoing Colour

This mistake is often made by amateur designers who can’t pick what colour to use in the logo. If you don’t want to make any confusion about your brand, use one colour at a time. Start your work with black and white before using too vibrant or pale tones.

Following the Trend

You designed should be timeless. Choose a logo that can stand a time or something you could use for decades. Just like anything, latest design trends come and go easily.