Things to Prepare and Bring During Norfolk Island Family Accommodation

If you want to make your Norfolk Island family accommodation more convenient, always remmeber that there are some items that you need to bring. It’s not just because there are inclusions, doesn’t mean that you won’t have to bring anything except for extra clothes. Without further ado, here are the top vacation items that you always need to bring.

A Large Bag

You always need to remember that a large bag is needed when you go travelling because you might bring home some souvenirs, and for you to fit the other items that we will mention. This is also meant for saving money compared to spending extra fees on luggage during your flight.


With social media reminding us that we can always post our memories in the form of pictures, never forget your camera. If you don’t have one, at least have a phone that has a camera. However, note that this is just optional.


If you have gadgets such as phones, music players, cameras, and the like, make sure that you bring your charger. Aside from that, power banks are perfect for emergency purposes especially if you run out of batteries while outside.

First Aid Kit

There will be times where injuries can happen, and medical centers might be too far from your location there in the island. In order to feel safe, always remember to bring a first aid kit so then emergencies that are related to injuries and other medical needs will be resolved.

Slippers, and Not Shoes

Surely you want to look stylish by bringing some shoes, but this is not recommended when taking a vacation. It’s better to bring slippers since it can make you feel comfortable especially during hot seasons, and in order to prevent your shoes from getting wet instead.


Toiletries are very important since the Norfolk Island family accommodation won’t provide that to you. Be sure to bring only a little bit of them since you won’t be staying there for months anyway.


As with toiletries, making yourself look and smell better is also needed when taking a vacation so then you will look well prepared. However, be sure to bring a minimum amount of it only.


To keep you, and possibly the children if there are any, from getting hungry, be sure to bring your favorite snack. Trust us, it’s very important to have this when taking a vacation especially when saving a bit of money.

With these items, rest assured that you’re going to love the ocean view accommodation Norfolk Island since you have everything that you need to make you well-prepared for the following days to come.